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Author Tardanika Marshall

Tardanika Marshall is a 42-year-old hard-working woman, born and raised in Columbia, SC. She attended A.C. Flora High School, Midlands Technical College, and Strayer University in Columbia, SC. Tardanika is a mother of three children and two grandchildren, who are the most important thing in her life. When not working full-time, she enjoys cooking, writing, and spending time with her family.

One of the Best Spiritual Awakening Books

Tardanika was inspired to write a book after encountering a lady and her grandson in a Chinese restaurant on a rainy afternoon. The lady struck up a conversation with her, sharing a bit about their life. Tardanika was so moved by the meeting that she started to write, expanding the story beyond what the lady had told her. Although Tardanika never saw the lady again, but she was motivated not to give up and realized she had more to offer than she was currently doing. She believes that obstacles and challenges are an important part of life and is grateful for the support and motivation her family has given her to write one of the best books about family relationships. She wrote a book named Book The Truth of Life and Creation