A heartfelt story about a divine religious theory that one needs to read with an open mind and think outside of their normal beliefs. One of the best books on philosophy of religion.

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About The Book - The Truth of Life and Creation

“The Truth of Life and Creation” explores a divine religious theory that explains the origin of humanity. It encourages readers to expand their perspective beyond their conventional beliefs and at least consider this theory. The underlying message of the story is that no family is without imperfections or struggles, and we all carry deep-seated issues, some of which can be managed while others cannot. Initially, the characters in the story enjoy a happy life, but various betrayals, deceit, and other revelations emerge over time. As a result, their children are left traumatized, seeking counseling.

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Montese Marshall is a passionate graphic designer and a supportive brother of the author who designed this beautiful book cover. If you need to reach him for illustrations or any graphics design needs, email him at:

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Author Tardanika A. Marshall

Author Tardanika Marshall born and raised in Columbia, SC, Tardanika Marshall has a passion for cooking, writing, and spending time with her family outside of her full-time job. Her belief in the unpredictability of the future fuels her enthusiasm for facing obstacles and challenges that she encounters and will continue to encounter in life. She attributes her motivation to write one of the best positive psychology books to her family’s unconditional support and encouragement.

Devastation to the Heart

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